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Wednesday off

 Back again, sick, but back from my day off.

You know what I love the most about being sick? Stuff seems to almost always come up when you're sick than if you happen to be normal. Example of this is my Wednesday (yesterday).

Starting in the morning, I find out I need to take my little brother to the hospital for a clinical research trial. No problem, I COULD do it. If I wasn't sick, and waking up at 6:45am. Then having to drive to Colfax. And waiting 4 hours for the trial to finish. The upside to this whole trip was that I could enjoy the view (the new hospital really is nice.)

And the internet is blazing fast since they can use that cable line they have for insane Upload/Download speeds. Unlike Comcast, which is evil, and sucks bull testicles.


Since i didn't feel as bad as that morning by the time I got back home at 12:30pm. I figured I could spend some time with my friends. Which, after a few quick calls, I was hanging out with them. Ended up having a good lunch, and sharpening my knife to a decent edge. But, that night was a meet in Westminster. So off it was at about 5:45 pm. Go home, reload my insulin pump which was running low, and drive up north of Denver.

That meet, though few in numbers, was nice. Very relaxing, very nice to talk to people, catch up, and hang out in general. I just need a faster car so when I drive home it isn't as late, not that it matters because at 10:30pm nobody was on the roads. I hope everybody else who was at that meet had just as much fun as I did. And next time, I hope I'm not sick.

Oh, and just as a last word. I just realized that I haven't played or turned on the PS3 in a month now. Amazing what you can do when you have friends around. I guess this is what it's called to "have a life".


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