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Whoa, LJ entries!?

 Well. In the boring life of this fox. 

I decided to start a LJ log, for no apparent reason. So to keep you all entertained, i'll try to put my life, into something fun and readable and post here :D. Starting today, and updating (we shall see for how long) every few days.

So for my first entry, I guess I'll report on my day off from work.

You know you need a new set of clothes when your own mother says you look like a juvenile and need a new wardrobe. Now, when I woke up at 1pm and got told that, I was like "whuuaaaaa?" I mean, I've worn the same style for half a decade now, and I guess i could use a little bit of updating. Style-speaking. But man, that is a epiphany when your own mother says that. I mean, I can't even think of a good analogy to describe that kind of moment. But hey, at first I was like "no fucking way" then after 30minutes of thinking on it, I figured "well.....new ain't bad, lets try it" so with a quick run to the shops I got my setup. 

Look at this douche

So this is what I ended up getting today, after much looking and shopping around this area. Running about yielded several button up shirts, good undershirts, t-shirts, and etc. Pants are for another day. But man, I forgot how expensive clothes were. Total bill came out to something in the region of $140.

And so on so forth, a little bit after I got back home and eating dinner, I get a txt from a friend, "we should hang out" so off it was. To his house, where i find out we're going to deep-fry some dinner. With, what else? A deep-fryer. Now, allow me to say something about a deep-fryer. If you own one, this means you can fry any food you want, at any time. Tater tots, chicken nuggets, you know, the normal "fried" foods. But, whats the fun of owning something that will fry ANYTHING if you don't fry EVERYTHING that comes to mind? I mean, sure, Mozzarella sticks make a good meal, but have you ever thrown an Oreo into a deep-fryer? No? Well don't, it tastes like ass. But not as bad as what my friend did. He grabs an old banana, it's a bent, old, freckled limp thing, and he quickly skins that, and throws it into the fryer, where it sits for 3 minutes before he pulls it out of it's banana torture pit, and produces, a now soggy, warm, and just as limp banana. It looked like an albino shit. But that wasn't far enough for him, he wants to try it. And he does, only to exclaim "man, that is sick". I declined the offer to eat that. Remember, some things in a deep fryer are good, others are bad. Oreos and bananas are just a few of the things that were never meant to meet the deep fat fryer.

After our little banana adventure with the deep fryer, we figured it would be good to check out the other options available to us at the local supermarket. You know, other than Mozzarella sticks. But after arriving, meeting up with 2 more friends, and looking, all we saw was the Kool-Aid man wacking off, and a bunch of teens buying fake beer.

You know, sometimes I think if I was hung like the Kool-Aid man I wouldn't have so many problems.

And pic of the Vagina Ketchup drink. Just for lulz. (Clamato, clams and ketchup) 

Anyways, I can't think of much else to say other than eventually my friends and I found what we needed/wanted, and we chilled out in the parking lot for a bit, having fun talking and being, I guess good friends. And watching the possessed cart drive around the parking lot at 10:30pm.

And that is my journal. Maybe next time I'll have more to say. 



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Jul. 30th, 2010 07:31 am (UTC)
HAH they look nice :3
Jul. 30th, 2010 07:33 am (UTC)
I'll be posting more in the future to make long night, hopefully, shorter. If that's ok.
Jul. 30th, 2010 07:47 am (UTC)
i think i'll start using mine too
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