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Day #2 off, and #2 LJ Entry

 Well, here's the end of another day off from work, before I get a damn-nigh full work week startin' tomorrow.

Now today was ab it different from yesterday, or the last few weeks to be exact. Instead of sleeping in until noon after being sleepless until 4am. I brought myself to wake up at 8:30am. Which, is amazing considering I haven't pulled something like that since, May. But, this wasn't to get myself back into schedule. It was more of a "shit, I have to fix some problems" and those problems just happened to be an hour-long argument with insurance. 

I'll spare you the grief.


Anyways, with that finished, time was spent rolling around on the floor in just boxers, trust me, not a pretty sight with a guy like me. Think of a dead manatee that's been reanimated to try and look like...well, you get the point. But about noon, I get a txt from my friend again, just to see if I had plans. Nope? Off it was! And what a great day it was too, you know, I like the sun somewhat, today wasn't too hot, wasn't blinding like a lot of days, and you could drive with your windows down, and, it felt like you didn't even have to worry about anything, drive anywhere, at however fast you wanted to go, and not even worry about gas. Love those days.

I wish everyday could be like that. When you can go as slow as you want, and notice things that you wouldn't at 2am. (that happens sometimes, me driving back in the dead of night from places) Or, if you felt like it, take some of those curves around this place. Lovely drive. Funs with friends at his house. Good food. An end to a good day. Well, if it had continued on like that. But sadly.

I normally love rain, but when it knocks out power, it's somewhat annoying. But whatever, enjoy whatever comes your way while it lasts right? Like that sweet smell of rain after the storm, the birds in pools of water, and the sun of green leaves.

Life is good right now. But next week. RMFC, Friend comes back from Alaska, and another comes back into town from Wyoming. My off days will=partying.


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